Queer Duck: Suzy

Monday, January 02, 2006


Winter is barely liveable. I keep warm by going to clubs and picking up the chicks. Last Thursday I was feeling a bit peckish. Normally I satisfy my urges by taking a quick jaunt to the grocery store and visiting the frozen food isle. The chickens there generally come pre-stuffed, and I personally prefer the chicks who have a little junk in the trunk. I had decided that brisk evening that the grocery store would not satisfy my lust for stuffing.
I went to a little hole in the ground I visit often. The chicks are fun and easy, and know me by name.

Suzy was there that night, and she wore Poultry Seasoning. It was one of my favourite scents that sent me into a masterbating frenzy. She saw me and waved and smiled her big toothy grin. She was drinking a martini, or maybe a third, judging by the way she was standing. I stepped over to her, with the combination of her smell, our past, and my jeans rubbing on my crotch, I just about jizzed in them.

"Hey Scott, how are you doing?" her speech was well controlled considering she was wobbling a bit, I knew she would still be shaggable.
"Just fine, I decided to poke my head in and say hello"
"Oh really, just to say hello?"
I smiled, had I said anything, I wasn't about to get fucked this fine eve. Suzy was a little bit slow on judgement but she ate up the shy quiet types.
"Well, Scott, since you appear to have nothing planned this evening, call us a cab and we'll have a drink at my place."
"Sounds like a great plan" I said. I turned my head away so she couldn't see my shit eating grin. This was great, no frozen entree's for me today.


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